Montebello Hills Pipeline and Pump Station Project

The project would involve construction and operation of approximately 2,600 linear feet (LF) of a 16-inch recycled water pipeline and a pump station. The pipeline and pump station would deliver recycled water to the Montebello Hills Specific Plan Development in the City of Montebello to use for irrigation and construction related uses such as grading and dust control. The maximum amount of recycled water delivered would be up to a maximum of 446-acre-feet per year of recycled water temporarily, and in the future reduce supplies to a maximum of 240 acre-feet per year.

The proposed pipeline would connect to the District’s existing recycled water system pipeline at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Montebello Boulevard. Beginning at this intersection, the pipeline would extend north along Montebello Boulevard to the intersection of Montebello Boulevard and Jefferson Boulevard. At this intersection, the pipeline would proceed to the east and connect to the proposed pump station.

Currently the plans and specifications for the pipeline are completed. Please click the links below to view the Notice of Intent (NOI) and the Admin Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND).