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August is Water Quality Month August is all about highlighting the quality of water in our communities - be it the beach, the tap water we use every day, or even the little pond in our parks. Central Basin would like to share some ways to protect the water you have now: When taking care of plants, avoid pesticides or chemical fertilizers, as run-off from irrigation can cause it to penetrate and contaminate groundwater. Stick to products with natural nontoxic ingredients. Pick up after your pets. Pet waste can lead to illnesses and cause a negative impact on water quality. Remember not to litter, plastic and improperly disposed of garbage can find its way into storm drains which carry water to local waterways. Sometimes oceans can be the victims of urban run-off pollution, ranging from chemicals in the water harming marine life to forcing entire beaches to close down due to unsafe conditions. Join a local waterway cleanup such as beaches or rivers. This not only helps to reduce the amount of pollution in the area but this increase awareness of the delicacy of the interconnected bodies of water in nature and at home. For more ideas on how to protect your water, check out drinktap.org  
Posted by kelsey.coleman  On Aug 02, 2019 at 9:01 AM 1 Comment