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Each year, July is recognized as Smart Irrigation Month by the Irrigation Association. Central Basin celebrates the month-long initiative by raising awareness of the value of water and promoting water-saving products, practices, and services. Did you know that outdoor water use typically reaches its highest demand in the month of July? Have you noticed you or your family using more water than normal? If so, there are rebates available that may help reduce your water use! The following rebates for outdoor appliances are available on SoCalWaterSmart.com: Weather-based Irrigation Controllers (WBICs) Rebates start at $80/controller for less than 1 acre of landscape $35/station for more than 1 acre   Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles Rebates start at $2/nozzle   Rain Barrels & Cisterns Rebates start at $35/per barrel or $250-$350 for a cistern   Soil Moisture Sensor System Rebates start at $80/controller for less than 1 acre of landscape $35/station for more than 1 acre   If you are not interested in rebates at the time, the following tips can also help reduce your water use: Take a break from mowing your lawn. Leaving your grass long (about 2-3 inches) promotes a more drought-resistant lawn, reduced evaporation, and fewer weeds. Replacing plants with drought-tolerant ones will provide a pop of color to your landscape while reducing your water use. Check your sprinkler heads often – according to the Environmental Protection Agency, a single broken sprinkler head can waste up to 25,000 gallons within a six-month period. Put down the hose! Sweep driveways, sidewalks, and patios instead of hosing them off. Use leftover ice to water your lawn or plants. Be sure to water your yard early in the morning when temperatures are cool.   We hope you, too, are celebrating July as “Smart Irrigation Month!” Please feel free to share your smart irrigation tips in the comments.
Posted by kelsey.coleman  On Jul 28, 2020 at 9:52 AM
Holiday Water-Use Tips Season’s greetings! The holidays are here, bringing loved ones together to share in cheer and festivities. While this is a wonderful time to entertain guests, hosting friends and family to celebrate the season can lead to more water use than usual. Here are some ways to save water this holiday season. Defrost frozen meat in the refrigerator instead of in the sink. Running the tap to defrost frozen food is a great waste of water, meaning money and a vital resource down the drain. Using the fridge will save water and it is the safest, most reliable method of defrosting foods. Unlike the wasteful tap water method of defrosting, fridge defrosting is beneficial because it does not require constant monitoring and immediate cooking of thawed food, which means you can prepare that holiday ham at your leisure. Wash produce in a bowl of water. You will save a lot of water any time you can avoid running the faucet. For this, a shallow pan is the perfect vessel. Set the table with a water pitcher. This will solve the problem of leftover water in guests’ glasses at meals. A pitcher of water is also a thoughtful way of providing drinks to everyone rather than having guests refill in the kitchen themselves. Install faucet aerators around your home. The holidays provide you the opportunity to host a lot of company in your home at once. Water use in your bathrooms and kitchen will definitely increase with guests. Faucet aerators are an inexpensive way to reduce water use by decreasing the otherwise unnecessary rate at which faucets spew water. Water your plants with leftover ice. If an ice chest is used at your festive gathering, you may have melted ice in need of repurposing. Use this excess water to hydrate your plants indoors and in your garden once your party is over. Use a plate squeegee. Mashed potatoes and gravy are the perfect touch to a Thanksgiving meal, but they can leave quite a mess when it comes time to wash your dishes. A little gel squeegee, specifically made for removing remnants of food from dishware, will cut the need for excessive rinsing before washing. Use a lower setting on the dishwasher. With all the delicious dishes you’ll be cooking for friends and family, there’s sure to be a lot more dishes to wash than usual. Using a lighter setting on your dishwasher will ensure your dishes are clean and ready to use for your next holiday meal, and it will save up to 55% less water than the regular setting. Collect rainwater for future use. Here in Southern California, the holidays arrive during the wettest part of the year. Take advantage of the seasonal rain by collecting it in a Rain Barrel or Cistern to be used later for irrigation. Rebates are available at www.socalwatersmart.com. Happy holidays from Central Basin!
Posted by kelsey.coleman  On Nov 05, 2019 at 3:01 PM 1 Comment